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Comprehensive Recovery Solutions for Oracle and MySQL Databases Without Backup

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Recover Data from Damaged Oracle Datafiles and MySQL IBD Files

DBRECOVER for Oracle

DBRECOVER for Oracle is a specialized disaster recovery solution tailored specifically for Oracle databases. Its functionality extends to extracting data from damaged file systems, ASM disk groups, and data files. Notably, even in scenarios where the Oracle data dictionary has been lost, it can ingeniously scan and retrieve the dictionary using an inconsistent system01.dbf tablespace backup as a reference. This comprehensive software caters to a broad spectrum of Oracle database features, including ASM, clustering, LOBs, and partitioning.


DBRECOVER for MySQL is a proficient utility crafted with the sole purpose of recovering data from compromised or damaged InnoDB tables. Remarkably, DBRECOVER for MySQL is capable of retrieving data from tables that remain inaccessible even under the use of innodb_force_recovery. This potent tool is a reliable ally in restoring essential information from corrupted MySQL databases.

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