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Recover all items from oracle database files without backup

DBRECOVER for Oracle is a strong database unload tool. It recovers Oracle database components from your damaged or corrupt DBF database file created in Oracle versions 8i 9i 10g 11g 12c 18c 19c.

  • Supports OS: Windows Linux AIX Solaris HPUX

  • Recovers truncated dropped tables

  • Supports recovery of deleted rows of Tables

  • Recovers data from damaged database dbf file

  • Recovers tables, views, table space, and cluster tables

  • Recovers triggers , index, schemas, synonyms, and sequence

  • Displays preview of recoverable database objects

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Try DBRECOVER for Oracle & access all database components

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Key Features:

Selective Recovery of Oracle Database Tables

Oracle database recovery software can perform selective recovery of the components in your Oracle database DBF file. It allows you to do so on selecting the components by placing check marks on them. With this, the repair process gets accomplished after scanning. It also allows recovery of the entire Oracle database.

Recovery of Oracle Database DBF File Objects

This Oracle recovery software repairs damaged Oracle database DBF file and recovers all its components. These include Tables, Tablespaces,Triggers, Roles, Indexes, Stored Procedures, User Names (schemas), Clusters, Database Links, User-defined Functions, Packages, Package Body, etc.

DataBridge Transfers Data Directly

The software offers ‘DataBridge’ feature that allows transferring table data from corrupted database to new database directly, no need to dump the data as flat file.

Block Level Scan and Column identification

The software thoroughly scans the damaged Oracle database DBF file at block level. If the system tablespace is really damaged or lost , it can still recognize the table.

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Does DBRECOVER support multiple language?

Yes, DBRECOVER supports most of language and character set , including : English , Chinese, Japanese , Korean , French , German , Italy , Thai , Arabic , Spanish , Portugal , Russian and other Europe languages.

What are the limitations of this Oracle database recovery software?

Limitations of current version of the software​

  • Compression Table & Encryption Table

  • XML type and Nested Array type 

  • compress & encryption SECUREFILE lob 

Is it danger to run DBRECOVER on database server?

No, DBRECOVER will only require read file permission. All of it's operation is read only. But we'd still recommend you backup all your datafile & redo logfile first.

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