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Effortless Recovery of Most Oracle Database Components Without Backup

DBRECOVER for Oracle, an advanced database unload utility, is engineered to restore Oracle database components from damaged or corrupted DBF files, compatible with Oracle versions 8i through 21c.

Supported OS:  Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, and HPUX

Key features include:

  • Recovery of truncated or dropped tables

  • Support for recovering deleted rows from tables

  • Retrieval of data from damaged DBF database files

  • Restoration of tables, views, tablespaces, and clustered tables

  • Recovery of triggers, indexes, schemas, synonyms, and sequences

  • Display of a preview for recoverable database objects

With DBRECOVER for Oracle, you can ensure a comprehensive solution to restore critical data from compromised Oracle databases.

Try DBRECOVER for Oracle & access most database components

Key Features:

Tailored Recovery for Specific Oracle Database Tables

Our Oracle database recovery software empowers you with the flexibility of selective recovery for your Oracle database components stored in DBF files. Simply check the components you wish to recover, and the repair process will complete following a thorough scan. Moreover, our solution also supports the recovery of entire Oracle databases, providing comprehensive data retrieval options for your needs.

Restoration of Oracle Database DBF File Elements

Our Oracle recovery software adeptly mends damaged Oracle database DBF files, facilitating the recovery of all constituent components. This encompasses Tables, Tablespaces, Triggers, Roles, Indexes, Stored Procedures, User Names (schemas), Clusters, Database Links, User-defined Functions, Packages, Package Body, and more.

Streamlined Data Transfers with DataBridge.

Our software boasts the 'DataBridge' feature, a revolutionary tool that allows for the direct transfer of table data from a corrupted database to a new one, eliminating the need for data dumping into flat files.

Comprehensive Block-Level Scan and Column Identification

Our software conducts a meticulous block-level scan of the damaged Oracle database DBF file. Even in instances where the system tablespace is severely damaged or lost, it retains the capability to recognize the table.


Does DBRECOVER offer multilingual support?

Yes, DBRECOVER supports a wide range of languages and character sets, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Thai, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and other European languages.

What are the known limitations of this Oracle database recovery software?

Current version limitations of the software:

  • Compression Table & Encryption Table

  • XML type and Nested Array type

  • Compressed & encrypted SECUREFILE LOB

Is it safe to run DBRECOVER on a live database server?

Yes , DBRECOVER only requires read file permissions and operates in a read-only mode. However, we still recommend backing up all your data files and redo log files before using the software to ensure data safety.

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