DBRECOVER for Oracle

DBRECOVER for Oracle

DBRECOVER for Oracle can directly read oracle data file.


We provide DBRECOVER for Oracle as software and service.


It can recover data without any kind of backup in below case:


  • corrupt/crashed/ORA-00600 oracle database
  • lost redo logfile
  • drop/truncate table by mistake
  • drop user by mistake
  • drop tablespace by mistake , even inlcuding contents and datafiles
  • drop diskgroup by mistake
  • SQL delete table record: delete from table
  • corrupted filesystem/disk
  • asm disk header lost or overwritten
  • lost system01.dbf ,but left user data tablespace
  • lost control file
  • delete data file on filesystem/asm by mistake
  • datafile corrupted by malware/ransomware




    please enter your database DB NAME ( sqlplus : show parameter db_name)

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